How To React When She Says She Needs Space

Published: 30th September 2009
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The awful saying "I need space" is something that a lot of men hear but don't really understand what it means. When a women says she needs space it means her appeal triggers, towards you, are no longer flipped on in your presence. When she says it she doesn't really know how to put into words what's happening, all she knows is she used to feel one way around you, and now she feels another.

So it doesn't have anything to do with her needing space, it's the only thing she can say because she doesn't know how else to verbalize it. Even though she doesn't feel it anymore she thinks she should still be attracted to you and isn't sure why she's not.

The way that women view attraction is much differently than the way men do. If she's attracted to you, she'll always want to be with you. If she's not, then she won't. She may not know how to express it that way, and as a result may say she "needs space," "just wants to be friends," "shouldn't be dating now," or some other statement that best fits her attraction towards you waning.

How do you deal with this? You need to not let it happen in the first place. Why would you want to go through the difficulty and heart ache of losing her and trying to get her back? So how do you this?

When you meet a woman and you're attracted to each other try not to stalk her and consume her every waking hour with thoughts of you. Keep busy doing other things fitness, work, friends, family, and other things that make up a full life. Make her an important part of it, but only a part, and make her aware that these other things are important to you as well as her.

Women love men who are like this and the kind of women you want have the same full lives to live while you're living yours. When you start spending too much time with her, especially if you get into a rut doing the same old thing every day, the attraction will wane. There's a saying that goes "passion wanes with time and familiarity" and it's proven to be true over and over.

But if you see her enough during the week, each time you see her will be new, and the attraction will hold.

If you end up at a point where she says she needs space then that is a major warning sign. Here's what to do: say to her, "You know, that's a really good idea, and I was going to bring that up with you. I think we should spend some time apart, doing other things in our lives. So let's start now and we can meet again in a few days or so." Then actually wait and meet her again in a few days. In the meantime start doing the things you probably should be doing anywase but have been putting off.

This can have a major effect on a woman because you've stolen the reason she was trying to give to you and now you are giving it to her. All of a sudden she starts thinking, "why is he so excited about this, he should be upset and wanting me back!?" Her mind starts to go to work and turn in on itself because now you've added a factor of ambiguity and intrigue.

What usually happens is she decides she misses you after all because the attraction triggers are flipped back on. But, you can't start spending too much time together again, because it will repeat itself all over. Simply limit your time with her, develop the other aspects of your life, and she'll be attracted to you all over again.

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